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You now have the opportunity to order fair trade coffee for your own use from our supplier, Dean’s Beans in Massachusetts.


What is fair trade coffee and why is it important to us as Catholics?


Through Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Fair Trade Program, coffee is purchased from growers in Latin America, Asia, and Africa at a price that pays them a “living wage.” The program also offers affordable credit and technical support. It works with farming cooperatives that invest money in health care, education and environmental stewardship. It is one way the parish embraces Catholic social teaching emphasizing Christ’s preference for the poor and the need for solidarity with them, as well as the importance of careful stewardship of the Earth’s resources. CRS has a nationwide network of coffee wholesalers who support its efforts to help coffee farmers around the world. When we buy coffee from one of the wholesalers, a portion of the sale price is returned to CRS for its work. In addition, when you buy from Dean’s Beans through the church, your purchase price is less than you would pay for the same product at a local store, AND a small amount of your purchase price will enable the parish to offer fair trade coffee at all of its after-Mass coffee hours and other social events at no extra cost to the parish.


A full list of Dean’s Beans coffees is available. There is no minimum order. You will be asked to pay in advance and your order should be available to be picked up the following Sunday.


This is a win-win situation for everyone: great coffee for all of us and fair wages to the growers.


100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee Choices
Dark Roast (Regular) - Nicaraguan French Roast Whole Bean $ 9.50 / lb.
Dark Roast (Regular) - Nicaraguan French Roast Ground $ 9.50 / lb.
Dark Roast (DECAF) - Peruvian French Roast Whole Bean $ 10.50 / lb.
Dark Roast (DECAF) - Peruvian French Roast Ground $ 10.50 / lb.
Medium Roast (Regular) - Columbian Roast Whole Bean $ 9.50 / lb.
Medium Roast (Regular) - Columbian Roast Ground $ 9.50 / lb.
Medium Roast (DECAF) - Mexican Chiapas Roast Whole Bean $ 10.50 / lb.
Medium Roast (DECAF) - Mexican Roast Ground $ 10.50 / lb.
Hazelnut (Regular) Whole Bean $ 9.50 / lb.
Hazelnut (Regular) Ground $ 9.50 / lb.
Hazelnut (DECAF) Whole Bean $ 10.50 / lb.
Hazelnut (DECAF) Ground $ 10.50 / lb.


Fair Trade Coffee orders will now be taken on the 3rd weekend each month at your church location.


Thank you to all who support the farmers in the countries that grow the coffee beans! By purchasing this delicious organic coffee we make it possible for the farmers to receive a fare price for their labors. And you get a real pound of Coffee at a reasonable price plus support the free coffee for functions at each church. So remember that we take your orders on the 3rd weekend of each month and make it available to you by the 4th weekend of each month (delivered to each church for you to pick up). Please pay at time of order or make arrangements. Detailed information is located at each church.



Place your order with the Fair Trade Coffee contact person at your church after any Mass on the 3rd weekend of the month.




St Bernard Church:

Paul Chamberlin - pbchambr@roadrunner.com - 691-8882

Our Lady of Good Hope Church:

Currently we have no volunteers to take Fair Trade coffee orders at Our Lady of Good Hope Church and are looking for 2 volunteers to take on this role once a month after Mass to take coffee orders from your fellow parishioners. If you can help, please contact Ray Smith at 548-2141 or email Ray at: dcrjsmith@hotmail.com.


Thanks in advance for your help.

St Francis of Assisi Church:

Ray & Dianne Smith - dcrjsmith@hotmail.com - 548-2141
Carol Magner - 567-3185



Your coffee order will be waiting for you to pick up at your church on the 4th weekend of the month.